Apollo stumbled upon Cassandra, he wanted to seduce her and gave her the
gift of prophecy. She could now see in the future. However, Cassandra
didn’t like the gift. Apollo wasn’t allowed to simply take back the gift and
punished her by taking away Cassandra’s powers of persuasion. From that
moment on, nobody believed what she said even if she told the truth about
the future.
For example she saw that Troy would fall by the Trojan Horse, and causing
the end of the city.

My presentation is a trilogy in panels. 3 movies are played at the same
time. They tell the story of Cassandra and her looking into the future.
As I am very interested in color and the feelings they bring I want the
movies to start dark and blue and end vibrant and colorful.
The presentation room is dark and it is important that the three panels are
next to each other and the viewer is able to see them all at the same time
so the projection an be 3 separate pieces and also 1 big piece.
In the beginning there is chaos, as there is in any greek mythology story.
Chaos is represented by dark or blue colors. Flikkering lights and empty
streets, something is about to happen.

A voice guides us into the story of Cassandra with some minimalistic earthly
sounds in the background.
Cassandra meets Apollo, who is represented by a big snake a python. Apollo
is often represented by a snake his nick name was even Pythios. This is
because he slaughtered a big python in revenge for his mother. Ancient
Mesopotamians believed that snakes were immortal because they shed their
skin and appeared fresh and new. Therefore this is also connected to the
future because Apollo is immortal.
Cassandra is represented by a human. In the video’s we will see her
connecting with Apollo and receiving the gift of seeing the future. She is a
very independent woman. That’s why I chose her to be the only human in
the video’s. She is always alone and doesn’t want to be in a relationship
with anybody.
I want smoke to come back throughout the story as a prediction of what is
about to happen. Fire starts and everything burns as a sign for the future to
be unsure or doomed. In the end when Cassandra was never believed for
her gift she dies in the fire.
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